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Beyond Premieres

Beyond Premieres, founded by Gunjan Menon and Saiyam Wakchaure, focuses on creating global wildlife documentaries & impact campaigns that explore the intricate relationship between humans & the natural world. 


'Beyond Premieres initiatives' help filmmakers create a tangible impact with their art. By building bridges between filmmakers and organisations working on the frontline of conservation, the organisation harnesses the power of filmmaking to create a wave of change.


As impact-driven filmmakers, Gunjan and Saiyam noticed a gap between emerging filmmakers who wanted to create a significant impact with their work and various stakeholders working at the grassroots level. Similarly, conservationists in the field often needed help from filmmakers who are skilled science communicators to amplify their work. By referring to various case studies, using their network and, based on their decade long industry experience, Beyond Premieres helps people with the same set of goals to collaborate. It’s a bit like conservation matchmaking! 


Beyond Premieres also supports filmmakers to strategise a multi-pronged, ground-level campaign that helps embed impact in the DNA of a film project through outreach, education, capacity building, artist collaborations, legal and policy change advice. There is no time like now to come together as powerful filmmakers and make more than just films — go one step ‘Beyond Premieres’. 


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